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 Roles as Veno

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Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
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PočaljiNaslov: Roles as Veno   Uto Nov 03, 2009 1:09 pm

5. Roles as a venomancer
I. Solo

Soloing, you'll mostly be the back up gunner/support for your pet. You'll mostly do this when looking to make some money or level up after quests are done. Your aim is to kill the mob as fast as possible, yet not steal aggro and get smashed.

From experience, Ive learened there is a pretty monotonous way to drag a monster to a quick demise.

Ironwood -> Venomous -> Venomous -> Heal pet -> repeat

Its what youll do most levels until you learn lucky scarab/noxious gas which are very good for escaping aggression, killing groups, and filling chi. (Whereas I now Iron->Noxious->venomous-> heal.) Blazing can foot the bill as a chi builder for openers, but its damage requires 30s to be fully taken advantage of.. poor choice of a mob dmg skill.

The best places to solo are usually where your quests take you, unless its a crappy spot like swamp of the wraiths among other places that have tons of wood/metal mobs and can unsummon pets.

II. Party Lead
This will be for alot of FBs (Instance dungeon every x9 level with exception of 51 and 70.) and in Twilight Temple where venos can easily solo them for the party.

FB- For these, you'll want to bring along one of the aforementioned high pdef PVE pets, and a quick puller. Your job is strictly tanking mobs, and luring them away from large groups via pet attack->unsummon-resummon-> catch aggression. On bosses, if you have a pet with high enough defense, you'll be keeping the boss debuffed with Ironwood scarab (-30% armor defense) and amplify damage in fox form(+20% damage recieved from players curse)

Some bosses are strictly magic users from a range, and there you can take a tanking role as well, provide you have decent gear providing good magic defense.

TT-Nearly the same roles as mentioned above (except for the tanking magic LOL)

Important boss notes-
Linus the Woeful, Brigand Transient FB79

Lure these guys off their altar to avoid fighting the stupid zombies.

Dimentora TT 1-2/3

Needs to be taken to the corner as well to avoid the big fatties in the pics. Requires bramble hood to avoid death.

There may be others that require important attention, but Ill get to them later.

III.Party Support
This is where youre in a party and a barb or BM is tanking via cleric heals. Your job here is to keep that boss debuffed.

-Support pet
*Howl- Lowers Mdef by a %
*Threaten- Lowers Attack by a %
*Pierce- Lowers Pdef by a %
*Shriek- Cancels enemy channeling

Your skills-
Amplify damage- Increases damage recieved by 20% for 20 seconds
Ironwood Scarab- Lowers Physical Defense by 30%
Purge- Removes buffs from monsters
Lending hand- If you have spare sparks, give em to your cleric and or barb for bubble/aggro skills to avoid trouble.

Some of these skills may be rolled into lead as well, but are typically done when the barb has the baddies aggro.

For leveling land pets, there is a quick trick to catch them up in levels should you have to tame a new one. (Example: Herc, Shaodu Cubs etc) Inside the cube of fate, there is a room called Mice Bashing. Inside, are mobs that are level 150 that are fairly weak and die in 1 blow landing your pet 15 exp a kill.

In order to get in, you first find any Khatru Pup located in each of the major cities
-Lost City: West of the elder when you are facing him. Southeast of the central teleporter.
-Etherblade: East of the teleporter found south of the elder
-Plume: East of the Elder
-Archo: One in each district of town
-1k Streams: North patch of land on the area surrounding the castle

Youll need 1 mirage celestone to make a dice ticket (2 dice = 1 mirage.) Youll also need a duty badge which is free from said pup. Inside, talk to the Room 1 teleporter, trade the badge for a puzzle cube, start the quest and hope for a Rolled Dice: 3 item. From there, just rape monsters until you get desired pet level

-Sage/Demon Skills
continued in next post

So in any case hopefully someone finds this useful. Good luck making your veno.

legal note-If you wish to use this guide on any site other than this, PM me and ask permission, include credit where credit belongs. If its posted on any site other than here, and anyone sees it, please lets me know. Theres been alot of guide theft lately, and Id hate to have to make a big deal out of it Razz. Thanks.

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Roles as Veno
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