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 Veno pets

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Broj poruka : 167
Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
Godina : 31
Lokacija : Beograd

PočaljiNaslov: Veno pets   Uto Nov 03, 2009 1:06 pm

Pet ranking using stats and maths


What's the best magical def pet ? Is it better to have high armor or high HP ? What are the fastest pets ?
All (well, almost) your questions about numbers answered now !

I created a spreadsheet (thank you Openoffice) listing most pets you can tame in the game, their growing charts and their base stats. I included the growing formulas, so that it's possible to have pet stats at any level. (I couldn't do that with the Patk, because no one found the exact formula yet. And believe me, I tried.)


Now, how do I use it ?
Well, it's time for you to find the sort option. You can sort by anything you want, but you should try :
- Overall Def Score (this one includes dodge even if it's experimental)
- Pdef Score (the one with dodge is still experimental)
- Mdef score
- Dps at lvl 90 with Bash
- Moving speed
The score thing is explained later.
You can change the level considered on the second sheet (labelled config) in B1. Pay attention, the stats will be right only for pets which have a tame level lower than the level you choose. Don't check Magmite stats at level 5...
There are holes in my data : this concerns mostly pets with red names. Do not blindly take numbers as they are, for example a moving speed of 0.8 doen't mean that the pet is very slow, but it means that I don't have the moving speed when tamed. Also there can be roundoff errors, but that's not really a problem because the difference won't be noticeable ingame.


Now, what about this 'score' thing ?
The def score takes into account both HP and armor. The base idea is simple : what would be the equivalent HP if the pet has no armor, but with the same survivability ?
Let's say a pet has a Mdef which reduce the damage taken by 50% and 1000 HP. It would be as strong if he has 0 armor but twice the HP, 2000 (well, not for your heal...). 75% reduction and 1000 HP is the same thing as having 4000 HP, and so on.

Another way of thinking about it would be :
Originally Posted by Solandri - Heavens Tear View Post
"If the pet starts at full hp and I don't heal it, how long could it live against a mob doing a constant amount of damage to it every second?"

So where's your magical table ?
Here it is !


You document is too big, I'm lost. Can you resume it ?
Okay, here are some top tens in decreasing order. Only for land, non-ranged pets. And only the lower tame level of the family. And at level 90.

Top 10 overall def :
Baby Hercules
Shaodu Cub
Armored Bear
Astral Beetle (Hept-, Pent-, Quadr-)
Crystalline Magmite
Qingfu (Emerald, Jaden, Verdant)
Tuskmoor (Plainswalker, Riverside, Doft)
Tauroc (Angler, Logger, Stevedore)
Rhinodrake (Billabong, Boondock, Plainswalker)

Top 10 Pdef (without dodge as it's still experimental) :
Baby Hercules
Crystalline Magmite
Armored Bear
Shaodu Cub
Qingfu (Emerald, Jaden, Verdant)
Astral Beetle (Hept-, Pent-, Quadr-)
Tauroc (Angler, Logger, Stevedore)
Tuskmoor (Plainswalker, Riverside, Doft)
Minkii (Mongoose, Redtail, Sable)
Overclocked Mechrab

Top 10 Mdef :
Baby Hercules
Armored Bear
Shaodu Cub
Astral Beetle (Hept-, Pent-, Quadr-)
Rhinodrake (Billabong, Boondock, Plainswalker)
Tuskmoor (Plainswalker, Riverside, Doft)
Carapest Terror
Qingfu (Emerald, Jaden, Verdant)
Guardian Wolf

Top 10 Dps, including Bash lvl 5 (Be warned, I don't have all the numbers ! The last one don't have a high attack) :
Baby Hercules
Scorpion (Pollen, Pup, Varicose)
Crystalline Magmite
Antelope Pup
Nine Tail Foxie
Bloodthirsty Adalwolf
Cuddly Pup
Qingfu (Emerald, Jaden, Verdant)

Top 11 ('cause there are ex aequo) Moving speed (Hey, where's the Hercule ? The baby is too fat, he's only 13th) :
Nine Tail Foxie
Cuddly Pup
Petalii Hexkiss
Clever Cactopod
Steelhide Grimalkin
Huggy Hare
Armored Bear
Tabby Plumdrop
Mastiff of the Great Divide
Guardian Wolf


This is too simple, I simply don't believe it. So, where's the trick ?
There's no trick, but there are limitations, of course.
- The HP recovery has not been taken into account, because 1) I don't see how to do it and 2) No one has the numbers.
- Actually, lots of def is better than lots of HP, because it has the same survivability and you can heal faster, thus saving mana and time. If your heal is 500 and you pet has 1000 HP and 75% damage reduction, you'll need 2 heals, while with 4000 HP and no amor, you'll need 8 heals... But I don't see how to include it in the sheet. You can have some clues by sorting by HP.
- Hit rate (not hit speed) has not been taken into account, because it strongly depends on the opponent. But it has an effect for sure.

What are all these formulas you're using ? Did you find them yourself ?
I found almost all of them, yes. I saw on some sites that some of them where found by others too, so they shouldn't be too bad! ;-)

Now, here they are :
Score :
- PSurvivabilityScore = HP / ( 1 - %ReducFromPdef ) / ( 1 - %Evade )
%ReducFromPdef is the percent damage reduction from pet's armor (see later for the formula). Actually it's a ratio, between 0 and 1.
(1-%ReducFromPdef) is the ratio of the damage the pet actually receives.
HP / ( 1 - %ReducFromPdef ) is the equivalent HP the pet would have if it had no armor and the same survivability.
As I stated before : Let's say a pet has a Pdef which reduce the damage taken by 50% and 1000 HP. It would be as strong if he has 0 armor but twice the HP, 2000 (well, not for your heal...). 75% reduction and 1000 HP is the same thing as having 4000 HP, and so on.
Same goes for evasion.
- MSurvivabilityScore = HP / ( 1 - %ReducFromMdef )
Same here as Pdef, but without evasion. I guess that's why the average Mdef is higher than Pdef: you don't evade magic. Of course, 'cause it's magic!
- SurvivabilityScore = ( PSurvivabilityScore + MsurvivabilityScore ) /2
The mean, simply.

- %ReducFromPdef = Pdef / ( Pdef + 40 * Lvl )
- %ReducFromMdef = Mdef / ( Mdef + 40 * Lvl )
- %Evade = Evasion / (Evasion + 40 * Lvl ) / 2 (?) seems to work, if anyone can confirm...

- Dps = Patk * HitSpeed + BashDps
- BashDps step by step:
BashDps = %BashDamage * Patk * BashInterval
BashDps = %BashDamage * Patk * HitSpeed / Bash#HitInterval
BashDps = %BashDamage * Patk * HitSpeed / ceil( BashCooldown * HitSpeed )

GrowthChart: (by level)
- HPInc = 20 + 2.5*pts
- P/MdefInc = (160 + 20*pts) / 3 = 53.33 + 6.67*pts
- HitInc = (40 + 5*pts) / 3 = 13.33 + 1.67*pts
- EvasionInc = (80 + 10*pts)/9 = 8.89 + 1.11*pts
- Speed = +0.1 at each lvl x0


What pet do you personnaly use ?
I used a Sable Minkii for a long time, then I changed server and wanted to try something else. It was fast, rather good defense, average attack, and a funny animation when hitting.
I currently use a Pentastral Beetle which has lots of HP and defense, and its color fits well with the fox form I use. I just tamed a red Weeping Scorpion Queen as a dps pet, but I still have to try it.

Yes, I tried the Magmite. And hated it : 1) everyone has it (that was before Herc existed), 2) too big, I couldn't clic on mobs, 3) too damn slow ! And 4) everyone already had it.
I had a very cute Snow Hare (don't you think its noise is like one of a camera? It makes me want to take screenshots ;-) ) but I didn't find it very useful, apart in towns...
For an air pet I used both a Petite Sawfly ('cause I'm French) and a Pinnaer Foxwing ('cause I use fox form), but as there's not much air quests, I can't tell a lot about them...

I'm planning on trying an Antelope Pup, because it's cute and has a strong attack. An Eldergoth Marksmann one day, maybe...


You bloody idiot, you made a stupid mistake over there ! Do you think I wouldn't see it ?
Oops, sorry, I'll try to correct it fast... Just tell me where and what !

By the way, constructive comments are appreciated ! Thanks.


Edit: Some more explanations about the formulas. Thanks Solandri !
Edit: Correction of the confusion between Patk and Dps. Thanks Obsessed !

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Veno pets
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