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 Blade Weapon

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Broj poruka : 167
Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
Godina : 31
Lokacija : Beograd

PočaljiNaslov: Blade Weapon   Uto Nov 03, 2009 1:00 pm

* Axe and Hammer:
o Heavy weapons, they require the highest STR and lowest DEX out of all the possible paths. Inside this path, you will find Sledgehammers, Poleaxes, Dual Axes and Dual Hammers. This kind of weapon has the highest maximum physical attack, but the lowest minimum physical attack, which makes it the best for those who seek to have the highest damage possible. Also, this kind of weapons has the slowest attack speed.

o This path's strenght relies on being able to hit multiple targets because most skills that belong to this weapon path are able to hit targets in a 360° range, one of them will slow down the speed of the opponents. It also includes an skill that Stuns the opponent, which can be used in combination with other skills to create an stun-locking. The final skill of this path is Heaven's Flame, which will damage and inflict the Curse status on the opponent.

o Another important characteristic, is that with this weapon path is how the Blademaster is able to level faster than any other class due to the ability to "AoE train/grind" with it's skills.

* Polearm:
o Middle weight weapons, they require high STR and average DEX. Inside this path you will find Poleblades, Spears (Pikes) and Shafts. This kind of weapon has the second highest maximum physical attack and the second highest minimum attack; additionally, the attack speed of this weapon is 1 per second, which makes it the most balanced out of the four paths.

o Similar to Axe and Hammer path, Polearms are able to hit multiple enemies; however, the skills don't attack in 360° but rather in an straight line in front of the user, one of them is able to pushback enemies. This path also includes the strongest ranged and bleed (the latter one is a linear attack too) skills this class has, which makes it the best to perform those roles. The final skill of this path is Glacial Spike, which will damage and inflict the Weaken and Distract status on the opponent.

o Despite the fact that the attacks of this weapon path don't have 360°, it is still able to "AoE train/grind" even with linear skills, which makes it the faster leveling weapon path after Axe/Hammer.

* Sword and Blade:
o This path includes Single Sword, Single Blade, Dual Swords and Dual Blades. Light weight weapons, with less STR and more DEX requirements than either Axe/Hammer or Polearm. This kind of weapon has the third highest maximum attack and the third highest minimum attack. Single Swords/Blades have slightly higher attack speed than Polearms, while Dual versions are slower than Polearms but faster than Axe/Hammers.

o This path focus on single target skills, inclduing a ranged skill, an strong meele skill that can pushback the opponent and an skill that inflict the stupefy status on the opponent. The final skill of this path is Myriad Sword Stance, which is the highest single hit damaging skill this class has and it will inflict the Muddle and Frighten status on the opponent.

* Fist and Claw:
o Light weapons, they require the most DEX and the lowest STR out of all the paths. They have the lowest maximum and minimum attack of all the weapons but also the highest attack speed of all the weapons.

o This path includes mostly single target skills which can slow the opponent's speed or can cancel it's current casting skill. It also includes an small AoE skill, that will give an attack speed boost to the Blademaster for a certain amount of time. The final skill of this path is Drake's Breath Bash, which will damage the opponent and will add fire elemental damage to all the normal attacks for the next 15 seconds.

o Also, due to the long cooldowns of the skills that belong to this path, normal attacks are used most of the time.

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Blade Weapon
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