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 Chalenge Quest 40-49

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Broj poruka : 167
Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
Godina : 31
Lokacija : Beograd

PočaljiNaslov: Chalenge Quest 40-49   Uto Nov 03, 2009 10:05 am

Challenge quest for Angeler's Village
Level 40 Challenge Quest: The Showdown

1. Speak to Soldier Feng (637, 831) Angler's Village
-Obtain 1 Will of Ch'in (Drops from Chin, Mausoleum Watchman, located north of Angler's Village. Patrols the area and spawns at around [642, 884], spawn time: 5 minutes.)
[Level 45] BOSS Physical and magical attack both close and long range. Physical type AOE attack. AOE range: 26 meters Has 3 *** guards.

2. Report to Soldier Feng (637, 831) Angler's Village
Choose 1:
-Choice 1: War Vest of Royal Tombguard + Celestone of Heaven: 1
-Choice 2: Royal Tombguard's Brace + Celestone of Heaven: 1
-Reward (Gold: 3700 Exp: 6100 SP: 1900 Rep: 16)

Challenge Quest for the dungeon: Secret Passage (Heroes Tomb) Common area

Level 40 Challenge Quest: Seal the Dismal ShadeTime limit: 120 minutes (2 hrs)

1. Speak to Soldier Feng (637, 831) Angler's Village
-Kill 1 Dismal Shade (Located in the Secret Passage at the northernmost room. coordinates: 400, 550)
[Level 45 Wood type]BOSS AOE Poison attack (stacks), MP Drain, Mana Shield
Note: Mage/Cleric/Venomancer should tank. If cleric is not the tank, the cleric should be using AOE heal. The skill "Purify" is key to keeping the damage taken by poison low. Barbarians should NOT tank. They can die after about 3 casts worth of stacked poison. Problematic for anyone unless wood defense is greater than 3800. Venomancers can send in pets to hit until they almost die, unsummon and resummon. The pet will come back un-poisoned.

2. Report to Soldier Feng (637, 831) Angler's Village
Choose 1:
-Choice 1: Heavy Helmet of Sinisterness + Celestone of Human: 1
-Choice 2: Ring of Treacherous Craft + Celestone of Human: 1
-Reward (Gold: 3700 Exp: 6200 SP: 1900 Rep: 16)

Challenge Quest for Sumor Camp

Level 46 Challenge Quest: The Believer

1. Speak to the Sumor Camp Elder (334, 827) Sumor Camp
-Kill 1 Suzerix, Adalwolf Elder (Located north of Sumor Camp at around 310, 889. Spawn time: 5 minutes)
[Lvl 50] Water type BOSS Long distance water magic AOE. Magic shield
3 Guardian Wolf guards

2. Report to the Sumor Camp Elder (334, 827) Sumor Camp

Choose one:
-Choice 1: Bow of the Goddess + Celestone of Heaven: 1
-Choice 2: Artemis' Belt + Celestone of Heaven: 1
-Reward (Gold: 5400 Exp: 9000 SP: 2000 Rep: 20)

-Warning- After level 61, the quest disappears whether you have finished it or not

Level 48 Challenge Quest: Town of Arrivals
1. Speak to Blacksmith Tseng (117, 639) Town of Arrivals
-Kill 1 Viriddis Stormhorn (Located at Dragon Wilderness around [118, 681]. Spawn time: 15 minutes)
-Has 1 Taurox Marksman, 1 Taurox Thug, 1 Tauroc Berserk as guard

[Lvl 55] Metal Element BOSS Metal AOE attack, Metal Magic attack, Physical attack
Choose one:
-Choice 1: Devil Hunter's Sword + Celestone of Earth: 1
-Choice 2: Devil Hunter's Ring + Celestone of Earth: 1
-Reward (Gold: 6000 Exp: 9900 SP: 2300 Rep: 20)

Level 48 Challenge Quest: Skull Mountain Invader
1. Speak to the Sundown Town Elder (127, 589) Sundown Town
-Kill 1 Jewelscalen (Located in the air aronud [181, 646].Spawn time: 5 min)
-Has 2 Praco (Level 50 Elites) as guards
[Lvl 55] Metal type BOSS Close range: AOE Physical Attack Long Range: AOE Magic + AOE Stun, AOE Physical Def down debuff
2. Report to the Sundown Town Elder (127, 589) Sundown Town
Choose one:
-Choice 1: Wand of the Red Dragon + Celestone of Heaven: 1
-Choice 2: Krimson Drake Belt + Celestone of Heaven: 1
-Reward (Gold: 6000 Exp: 9900 SP: 2300 Rep: 20)

Note: This is probably the most difficult boss in the entire game. A level 60+ Barbarian can be one-shotted if their luck is bad. Purify is a key skill. With 10k + Pdef, the damage taken is 400-600. With the debuff, the damage take is around 1000. High levels or a group of clerics that have high level purifies are best. However, it is not completely necessary. It is possible to do it with just two level 50 clerics. One will be the main healer who uses Ironheart blessing on the tank and purifys when the debuff happens. NOTE THAT DEBUFF OCCURS WHENEVER THE BOSS AOE (Area of Effect, meaning hits everyone). The second cleric is would then be responsible for healing the main cleric from a further distance outside of the AOE range. This cleric can also have ranged damage dealers (Mages, archers) near them so that they can attack the boss and have the secondary cleric AOE heal them when the boss AOEs.

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Chalenge Quest 40-49
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