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 Skills guide

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Broj poruka : 167
Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
Godina : 31
Lokacija : Beograd

PočaljiNaslov: Skills guide   Uto Nov 03, 2009 9:26 am

A. Which Skills to Learn
In the beginning levels, there will be more than enough skill points to train all skills, but after that, it becomes so overwhelming that you cannot keep up. That is why it is best to focus on maximizing certain skills first before others. Try to learn all of the skills though. You will be able to max them all at Lv. 89+.
If you want to follow a strict skill build, you can find some here:
IamNobita's Path to the Ultimate WEREBEAST
It's all a matter of preference and whether or not you do more PVPing or tanking.

Tiger mode is best for tanking due to the increased HP/physical defense, as well as many useful PVE/aggro skills.
True Form - Personal choice whether to max or not. At max skill lv, you gain 30% movement speed & 20% max HP more, but lose 30% more attack than if you had not trained the skill. Note that if you took the Demon Path at lv 89, True Form's damage penalty will be taken out once you get the skill book.
Flesh Ream and Roar (aka Talk is cheap) should be maxed ASAP. Those are your 2 most useful skills in PVE parties. The higher it is, the easier it is to maintain aggro.
Alacrity of the Beast is very useful to cancel the mob's skills. Train this whenever you have extra Spirit to spend. More damage from this skill will help maintain aggro, and the shorter cooldown = more times to spam it. Lv.7 is a good time to stop because it's cooldown time can help tell you when to cancel a mob's casting.
ShapeShifting Intensify - try to max this as well. More defense = better tank
After focusing on the skills above, work on Frighten and Sunder next. The rest, you can leave at lv 1 until you have more Spirit/Coins to spare.

The Humanoid skills are mainly PVP-based, with a few stun and AoE skills as well as buffs.
Your 1st priority is to max Beast King's Inspiration, Strength of the Titans, Axe & Hammer Mastery, and Blood Bath first. Then focus on the attack skills.
Beastial Onslaught, Mighty Swing and Penetrate Armor are your 3 best single-target attack skills.
Save the rest of your Spirit points to max Slam if you plan on AoE training, or Armageddon for PVPing. The others aren't as useful in terms of damage.

B. Sage or Demon Path at level 89?
Both are equally good.. Sage is best for defense, Demon is best for damage dealing. Choose which one you’ll do more of.
However, it's also good to choose the one that will balance your build (offset your weaknesses)

In general:
Humanoid (more offensive) + Sage (more defensive) = balanced
Tiger (more defensive) + Demon (more offensive) = balanced

Some major benefits of each path:
Sage version of Armageddon reduces HP and MP cost to 35% of your current total.
Demon version of Armageddon does 10% extra damage

Sage version of Blood Bath reduces HP sacrificed to 10%
Demon version of Blood Bath increases accuracy by 300%

Sage version of True Form always increases maximum HP by 40%
Demon version of True Form lets tiger mode attacks do full damage

Sage version of ShapeShifting Intensify always increases physical defense gain to 120%
Demon version of ShapeShifting Intensify gives a critical hit rate increase of 2%

Sage version of Beast King's Inspiration increases duration to 1 hour
Demon version of Beast King's Inspiration lets affected party members gain 50% more Chi

Go to for more info about how these paths effect each skill. Many Barbarian players do recommend Sage path though, since it allows better survivability and tanking. Staying alive in Territory Wars and Dungeon parties is much more important for a Barbarian than dealing more damage.

C. Tips on Using Skills:
Make sure you're always buffed with Beast King's Inspiration, Strength of the Titans, and Blood Bath (if you miss a lot) no matter what you're doing. Also have Beastial Rage activated if you need Chi for skills.
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