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 Archer Genie Guide

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Broj poruka : 167
Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
Godina : 31
Lokacija : Beograd

PočaljiNaslov: Archer Genie Guide   Uto Nov 03, 2009 9:20 am

This guide is designed to accumulate and display the information that has been splatter-bombed across the forums. Spending hours sifting through the Archer and Beginner forums for info on Genies and Genies for Archers is plain ridiculous, so here we go. Suggestions etc can be PM'd to me and are greatly appreciated.

Your Genie

At level 1, you get access to a quest from "Watcher of the Earth" NPC in your race's main city. This quest, which is just a few clicks long, randomly gives you ONE of the following Genie's;

Longevity - Starts with 15DEX, 5MAG, 5VIT, 5STR.
Discipline - Starts with 15VIT, 5MAG, 5STR, 5DEX.
Zeal - Starts 15MAG, 5VIT, 5STR, 5DEX.
Infliction - Starts with 15STR, 5VIT, 5MAG, 5DEX.

Also, if you decide you want another Genie, there are a few ways to get another one.

A. Acquire 3 Mirage Stones (from quests at the Gem Merchant, or player shops) and select the "Summon Genie" option at the Watcher of the Earth NPC in any city.

B. Buy from player shops. Here on Sanctuary I've seen LV1 Genie's ranging from 30k to 100k in player shops, so it may or may not be a good deal - take into account how much Mirage Stones are!


DEX Determines your Genie's effect of skills, and adds -duration to durational skills. Each point of DEX increases her skills' range, duration, and success rate.

STR Determines your Genie's damage out-put for damaging skills. Adding 1 point of STR increases damage by roughly 1%.

MAG Determines your Genie's Energy recovery rate, and the amount of skills your Genie can learn (every 40MAG is 1 additional slot for a skill). Every 50 MAG will increase Energy recovery rate by 1 second.

VIT Increases your Genie's Energy. Every point of VIT is the equivalent of 1 Energy Point.

Lucky Points gives your Genie a chance to earn more than 1 attribute point every 10 levels (10, 20, 30, 40, 50 etc). The more Lucky Points your Genie has, the more attribute points she gains at the 10th levels, and the more valuable she is if you decide to sell her.

Your Genie obtains Lucky Points (1-10) every 10 levels (10, 20, 30), and the maximum amount of Lucky Points she can have also increases.

At LV10, your Genie will be #/10 Lucky Points, but at LV20 it'll change to #/20, and so on every 10 Genie levels.

The following colors apply to the display of your Genie's Lucky Points, and tell you vaguely how "lucky" and "rare" she is.

Very Rare
Very Common

The number of Lucky Points also determines your Genie's overall physical appearance.

----Genie Evolution

What Genie you get doesn't really matter, what does matter is how you build her - stats and skills. The way you raise her stats and Elemental Affinity
should be based off of what skills you want her to learn.

Elemental Affinity

The way you build her Affinity determines what skills she can learn. She gains 1 Elemental Affinity point every 5 levels, but every level over 100 she gains 1 Affinity point PER level.

However, your Genie gets a maximum of 26 Affinity points.

Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal


In the beginning, your Genie can only learn up to three skills. For every 40th MAG point, she will be able to learn an additional skill. So at 40MAG she will be able to learn 4 skills, at 80MAG she will be able to have 5, and so on.

You should take this into account before deciding how to spend her Elemental Affinity Points. Elemental Affinity cannot be reset without an item bought from the Boutique, but skills can be forgotten for free.

For a complete list of Genie skills, without having to go in-game and try to sort through all that hover-text, see this link. All you have to do is point, click, read.

Suggested Skills for PvE Archer

Tree of Protection (Available at LV10) - 1 Water, 1 Wood, 1 Earth.
------Increases your Max HP by 15%, and restores 25% of your HP every 3 seconds for 6 seconds. Every 40DEX points increases the Max HP duration by 1 second.
----Highest Priority. Should be the first skill you get her.

Holy Path (Available at LV25) - 2 Wood, 2 Earth, 2 Metal.
------Increases the movement speed of yourself and your squad members to the maximum.
----Useful for getting away from a swarm of mobs, getting places, and for some higher level events.

Relentless Courage (Available at LV23) - 2 Wood, 2 Earth, 1 Fire
------Increases your attack speed by 14%, movement speed by 30%, and channeling speed by 7%. Lasts for 8 seconds. Every 20DEX points lengthens the duration by 1%.
----Rather useful, but possibly less than Holy Path.

Ranged Blessing (Archer only, available at LV30) - 3 Wood, 3 Earth
------Immobilizes targets close to you, and has a chance to make you immune to Immobilize. Similar to Piercing Flames, but isn't just a "chance" to Immobilize.

Extreme Poison (Available at LV14) - 4 Wood
------Makes target take more damage. Can be stacked with skills like Heaven's Flame.
----Supposedly good for Luring and Zhen Parties and stuff...

Skills use Stamina. You will notice under your Genie's HP (Energy) bar, there is a blue bar. This is her Energy, and to start off it is 20,000/999,999. Every time you use her skill, it takes some of her Energy & Stamina. Once her Stamina gets too low, she will be unable to preform her skills.

To replenish her Stamina, you must use Chi Stones. These are obtained by decomposing equipment (requires crafting skill), or from player shops (Catshops).

Yiyuan stone: +40 stamina
Liangyi stone: +80 stamina
Santsai stone: +160 stamina
Ssuhsiang stone: +240 stamina
Wuhsing stone: +320 stamina
Liuho stone: +400 stamina
Chihsing stone: +480 stamina
Pakua stone: +560 stamina
Chiukung stone: +640 stamina
Perfect stone: +720 stamina

To use a stone, unequip your genie, and click -> drag the stones onto her to "feed" them to her.

Leveling Your Genie

Personally I like to keep my Genies the same level as I am. Why? Because they learn their skill sooner, which is more useful to me than letting them stay low level.

There are three ways you can level your NPC.

A. Infuse her with your own EXP (You will lose that amount of EXP, as it will be transferred to her.)
B. EXP Cubes (Bought from Catshops, mostly)
C. Infuse her with your own Spirit (You will lose that amount of Spirit, as it will be transfered to her.)

Personally I use mostly Spirit, but some people prefer to use mostly EXP - its pretty much up to you!
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Archer Genie Guide
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