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 Blademaster Guide

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Broj poruka : 167
Datum upisa : 01.11.2009
Godina : 31
Lokacija : Beograd

PočaljiNaslov: Blademaster Guide   Pon Nov 02, 2009 4:26 am

The Armor Type

This one is really easy to understand: it’s heavy armor and nothing else. There is no reason why you would chose light over heavy as a warrior it just makes you squishy like an archer and magic still hurts you. Moreover the people that will actually target you will prob just laugh as you as MG's magic, WF's magic doesn't miss and archer have a pretty good accuracy. So if you're light armor, enjoy being raped over and over again then maybe you will understand that you need to go Heavy Armor.

Shards for your armor : HP, HP and HP. When you feel you have a really confortable amount of HP at higher level(90+) then you can actually throw in mdef stones for more survivability. ( Your magic sutra + EP mdef buff with those shards will give you quite a nice boost in mdef)

Weapon Choice

Axe: This is the most popular weapon choice for WR as it provides high spike damage, AOEs and your famous STUNS. Axes makes your leveling decent and make you a force to reckon with in pvp as you will hit relatively hard and your stuns are ANNOYING. If you do it right you can prevent your target to move for roughly 15s. That's enough for anyone to die. This guide is mostly dedicated to this weapon ( obviously ). There is a false rumor that says that Axe warriors have terrible accuracy. That is so wrong, this is uniquely dependent of your gear and your stat build.

Spear : This is another good pvp weapon choice as it provides extra range something that Axe lacks and that sometimes makes life hell for you especially in the air unless you can afford a fully upgraded flying mount. The weapon damage is lesser but the skill damage is higher and if you ever put your hands on a berserk spear you will hurt as hell.

Sword : I'm not really a fan of the sword warriors and I haven't really played one at all, I mostly believe that it's a PVE build and the only time they actually have an edge in pvp compared to other weapons is when they 1v1 against another melee.

Fist: PVE weapon. Most people do hate them because of their low damage but you need to understand your role. You are not a pvp class. As a fist warrior you are a pve beast, not in lower levels but in high levels your grinding ability is on par if not higher than Werefox because your DPS is insane. You shine in HH because you have this ability to cancel channeling spell with your shadowless kick. If you’re good with timings your tank will love you because what hurts them the most is the magic attacks and your skill allows you to cancel 1 out of 2 spell most of the time (they can cancel the other one themselves, basically if you and your tank have good communication and timing you can prevent the boss from launching any magic attack). As I said their DPS is very good which makes them decent at duels because there is no hiero involved. The reason why they suck @ pvp in general is because they have absolutely no spike damage therefore they can hardly ever kill their target before the hiero ticks again and because people won't tank you they'll just fly / kite you away and you can't really do anything about it because you can't stunlock.

Shards : accuracy, as high grade as you can afford. You never have too much accuracy.


As an axe warrior, there is 2 path you can follow : either vit build or dex build. Vit build will make your life grinding easier and you will be one hard bish to kill in TW while dex build will give you more accuracy/dmg/evasion which will make you a damn powerhouse endgame.

Vit build

Str : dual axe req

Dex : dual axe req

Vit : rest

Mag : 3

Dex Build

Str : Dual axe req

Dex : everything else

Vit : 50-60

Mag : 3

When you reach 99 or if youre 90 and you have godlike gear with like 8-9k hp unbuffed then well you can afford putting your vit back to 30 or less and dumping the points into dex for more crit/accuracy. Make sure your dex is a multiple of 20 if you do that tho, any extra points wouldn't make such a big difference.


This is the gear you should be looking foward to get and the level requirement of each item.

Weapon :

- Calamity Axes of Blood Also known as XS or Xue Sha. Level 70 axes from FB69 with the berserk effect. The berserk effect will grant you the potential spike damage that you need to kill people through your stunlock. This weapon will last you till 90~ish if you choose to at least +4-5 it and put some decent accuracy stones in it

- Calloused Lionheart Hatchets also known as GX or Gang Xin. Level 90 gold axes from HH(Holy Halls or TT(Twilight Temple -> I hate that name so much)). That's pretty much the endgame weapon for a warrior and if you ever get it, then grats because it's rare as hell and hard to get... make sure you +it as much as you can.

- Star Axes, HH90 green axes, for those who can't get GX.. this is your 2nd option. Don't be too sad though because the Star Axes are actually amazing with the Gloom effect. Fairly weaker than GX but much stronger than XS.

Armor :

- Whatever you can get your hands on... FB79 top/leg molds or hh80 gold set if you're rich then hh90 green set.

Helm :

- Whatever you can get as long as it has decent bonus and a fair amount of base HP, + it a little and put some hp stones in those sockets. It should boost your hp quite a lot

Rings :

- Misty Forest Ring also known as Ling Yun, this is the FB79 mold ring. It's a MUST-HAVE for a warrior, boost your base accuracy by 50% which is quite a lot. Really a must have if you ever want to hit archers.

- Ring of Mastadon's Strength also known as Behemoth ring. HH90 gold ring, 30% accuracy , 2% crit. It's a pretty damn good ring for a warrior but it's also hard to get as obviously everyone wants one. Until you get it though, you can use some 2% crit ring like the ring of heavenly lord or some ring with some accuracy bonus.

Necklace :

- Swindler's Necklace also known has Humbug, this is the hh90 gold necklace with a wooping 5% hp bonus and really good mdef stats. Like the behemoth ring it's fairly hard to get so until then try finding some necklace with decent mdef stats and possibly some +hp bonus.

Belt :

- Demon Slaughter Belt, fb89 belt, it's a pretty good belt with high mdef stats. Until then, just try finding any belt with as high as possible mdef stats and hopefully some +hp bonus.

Cape :

- Cape of Tauran Chieftain, also a MUST HAVE for a warrior, gives a nice +250 mdef bonus. FB69 cape fairly expensive but it's really worth it.
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